Review: Epson Artisan 700, 710, 800, 810 Auto Duplexer

Epson Artisan 800 Auto Duplexer:

This duplexer is now standard on the Epson Artisan 710, and 810, so this add-on will work with the Artisan 700, or Artisan 800 only.  It can be had from Epson and other retailers, however availability is always an issue, so check around.

Be aware, the duplexer cannot handle paper sizes other than 85″ x 11″ – we tried to print some double sided post cards, but the duplexer tells you it will not work:

Epson Artisan Double Sided Printing Solution For Artisan 800 and Artisan 700 Series Printers

Our duplexer was ordered directly from Epson – we had a coupon.

Epson C12C802522 Auto Duplexer For Epson Artisan 700 And 800 Inkjet Printers

Ok, admit it – you have always secretly wished you could print on both sides of the paper.  So we are suckers too.  We tried it to see, but you need to use a higher grade of paper than just “copier paper” which looks great, but there is some bleed through if the paper is to thin and the text is not readable unless it is stored in a folder or folio – then it will be fine.

Trouble With Installation?

Putting it on is easy (see below pictures) – but we had trouble with our wireless set-up, and we came across this nice blog, and a solution that worked.  Check it out.

C12C802522, Epson Artisan 700 800 Duplexer Duplex Printer Print Both Sides

Remove the back "paper jam" cover...

The duplexer snaps right in:

C12C802522, Epson Duplexer Inkjet Printer Add On Print On Both Sides Of Paper

But Where Are The Instructions?

On the box. Scanned with an Artisan 800 btw.

Epson Artisan 700 and 800 Double Sided Printing, Print On Both Sides of the Paper for only $40.00