The Epson Artisan 835 – $299 at Staples

News: Canon Sues Chinese Copy-Cat Cartridge Makers (Compatibles)

Canon Goes To Court To Help Increase Bottom Line.

Looks like this story is originally from bloomberg, but we saw it on Newsweek:

“Canon Inc., the world’s largest maker of cameras and office equipment, filed patent-infringement claims against China’s Ninestar Image International Ltd. and retailers over technology in printer toner cartridges.”

Looks like Canon is in on the same game Epson played about 2 years ago.  All the more reason to go with a CI system, and get a printer that works well with one.

Ninestar must have a bulls-eye on their back…

Ninestar was the import/distribution company that really took it on the chin when Epson successfully sued them and 23 other manufacturers to prevent the importation of quality 3rd party Epson compatible cartridges.  This action is only being taken in the USA.  Compatible cartridges are “legal” in the rest of the world (Canada, Asia, Europe – where consumer protection laws are better).

Attack on multiple fronts…

Printer companies are not stupid – they are trying to prevent the use of any 3rd party method for delivering ink to the printer.  They want to dictate what you can and can-not put in your printer.  They are attacking on multiple fronts – from designing un-refillable ink cartridges, to pursuing legal action, to using encrypted cartridge chips to make empty cartridges unrecognizable to the printer.

Yet another defeat (future) for the customer.

Link to Business Week article here…

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News: Staples Drops Ink Cartridge Recycle Reward Price From $3 to $2

No more $3.00 per empty ink cartridge at Staples.

Through their ink cartridge recycle (recycling) program Staples has been offering $3.00 for any major brand ink cartridge (up to 10 per month, 20 for premiere members) but has quietly changed that offer to $2.00 effective immediately.  The program was started back in February of last year, more from 2009 here.

Staples now offers only $2.00 for a recycled ink cartridge.

Someone at Staples needs to update the name of that file...

Too much supply, or simply a cost cutting measure?

Staples Brick And Mortar StoreStaples has quietly lowered the price they are willing to give for an empty inkjet printer cartridge from $3.00 (three dollars) to $2.00 (two dollars).  That is a decrease of over 30%, and would seem to indicate that many folks are taking advantage of the program and Staples may have a solid empty cartridge supply – In the past, any customer (limit one per address) could trade in 10 empty (or full) inkjet cartridges for $3.00 each.  It now appears that recycling reward is now $2.00.  Cartridges accepted include those from Epson, Brother, HP, Lexmark, or any other inkjet printer.

Staples three dollar ($3.00) recycle reward on ink cartridges is now only $2.00.

We take advantage of this program monthly – ($30.00) thirty dollars a month is not to shabby.  If more than $1000.00 worth of merchandise is purchased from or locally this makes an acount eligible for “premiere” status.  Premiere customers can recycle up to 20 cartridges per calendar month.  So maximum redemption value went from $60.00 to $40.00 per month.

The real question is, will the consumer still recycle at the $2.00 level.  We think so.

What is HPs involvement with Staples cartridge buyback program for $2.00 each cartridge.Another good question is if Hewlett Packard lowered their “kick-back” to Staples – also in possible corporate cost cutting measures.  HP has been running several “our ink is more better” ads on TV for quite some time.  Maybe they think the campaign has run its course and are satisfied consumers have been brainwashed.  The HP logo appears on the recycling page, and you can bet that was not free space.


Defeat For Consumers, Victory For HP In Legal Action Against Refillers

HP wins, you lose, yet again…

HP wins, and you lose.

Hewlett Packard has a history suing importers of these cartridges (hp 02)

The HP 02 series inkjet cartridges are no longer going to be available from Print Rite, and there are other importers that have been successfully sued in the past as well.  A pattern is developing here, and HP (as well as others) is continuing to go after aftermarket, compatible, or re-manufactured cartridge importers in the courts, as to limit supply, and increase demand of the HP brand as a matter of necessity.  The Print Rite cartridges must work pretty well, otherwise why would HP bother?  Cartridges we are talking about, listed here:

A full set of ink cartridges (full ones) is going to cost you $85.00! That is crazy, and what is with all those differing page counts for each cartridge?

Then there is the “XL” version of just the cyan, magenta, and yellow – full of ink?

Long term effect – reduces supply of 3rd party cartridges, and forces consumers to use more HP brand ink cartridges, thus increasing HP’s bottom line.  Also, investors might be pleased to know the lengths HP will go to to prevent the importation of 3rd party alternatives to reduce competition with their overpriced ink cartridges. Printers effected are to numerous to list.  These cartridges work in about 50-70 different printer models (in the USA alone).  Usually the Photosmart series, or Deskjet in some cases.

Note –  we are NOT talking about counterfeit, or fraudulent HP, Epson, Canon, or Brother imitation cartridges here.  What HP is looking to prevent is the mass-production cartridge producers from China that make a very good product, and do it cheaply, get their product into the USA.  This is not an issue in Canada, Asia, or Europe.

See our earlier article here (March 09):

HP and big ink can haz your money for ink

HP and big ink can haz your ink money.

HP is keeping up the pressure to try and prevent importation of these cartridges (and others) using the ITC and DMA statutes as their strategy to fast-track rulings, and “sealing” of the border to cheaper alternatives for consumers.  HP original inks have their merits (Viera?), however generic cartridges are absolutely an effective way at slashing print costs.

Investors need to know this kind of information – it shows that HP is aggressively going after importers knocking them off one-by-one.  Epson was lucky enough to have a full frontal assault (and repelling) from 24 different cartridge manufacturers (who are now no longer importing to the USA) that resulted with an Epson victory, and chaos in the aftermarket industry.

HP likes to claim in there ads that consumers get 65 less prints from generic cartridges, vs using HP brand original ink.  That is simply not the case with this printer series – compatible and CI system cartridges work great, and are some of the most popular 3rd party cartridges on the market.  With quality compatibles costing as little as $3-$5 bucks each, that represents a huge savings over the HP branded cartridges which clock in at about $13.00 a piece (on average).

Link to press release here:

HP 02 Inkjet Printer Cartridge Banned in the USA.

HP 02 Inkjet Printer Cartridge Banned in the USA.

HP today announced it has reached a settlement agreement with Hong Kong based Print-Rite Holdings Ltd. relating to HP 02 inkjet cartridges. (1)

(1) In countries outside of the United States, the HP 02 ink cartridge may be known by different product numbers, such as HP 363, 177 or 801.

HP has returned to this type of cartridge system (individual ink tanks) in the form of the HP 920, and HP 564 series ink cartridges.

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HP 02 Series Retail Ink Cartridge Package

HP 02 Series Retail Ink Cartridge Package

One solution to consider…

Continuous Inking System (CIS, CISS)

This printer series is perfect for a CI system:

HP 02 cartridges installed in printerIndividual ink cartridges do not move in this printer. Perfect for a CI system.

The cartridges in these printers do not move. Ink is fed from the cartridges to a print head that is buried inside the printer. It makes these printers (ones that will use the HP 02 series inkjet cartridges) perfectly set-up to use a CI system. Since the cartridges never move, and just feed the printer ink when it needs it, installation is simple, and no additional hardware or modifications to the printer are necessary. Just plug and play printing for fractions of a cent.

How does it work?

With a CI system, ink is fed from a conveniently refillable external reservoir container (all one piece), to the cartridges as the printer needs ink. When the printer tells you the cartridge is empty, simply remove and re-install to reset the page count chip.

HP 02 Series Inkjet Cartridge CIS, CISS, Continuous Inking  System.

News: HP And Kodak Fight About Ink Claims – You Don’t Print

HP and Lyra say you print 60 pages per month

kodak vs. hp - who has cheaper ink

Kodak vs. HP - who has cheaper ink?

The cheap ink mirage…

The mirage of the cheap ink cartridge...

Kodak and HP are having a war of words about Kodak’s claims that consumers will save over $100 per year on ink if they switch from Hewlett Packard inkjet printers to Kodak.  HP claims this is not true, and Kodak now admits (after the FTC got involved) that the savings calculation is based on consumers printing 120 pages per month.  Hewlett Packard insists that most consumers only print (on average) 2 pages per day, or 60 pages per month, and they can back that up with 3rd party research from Lyra.

Link for original article here:,188504/printable.html

Lyra Research:

It’s not getting better…

The article goes on to point out something we have also noticed, and written on extensively – the amount of ink a printer cartridge actually contains is getting smaller and smaller.  Currently all the major printer manufacturers are offering two, and sometimes even three different cartridge choices – with the difference being the amount of ink in each cartridge, and the price.

HP 75 – 100 pages HP 75XL – 300 pages

HP 75XL Inkjet Printer Cartridge

The  cartridge is the exact same size and shape – the XL has more ink – but the cost per ml is the same. Pay HP now, or pay HP later.

How many times have you seen “high capacity”, or “XL”, or “large volume” mentioned when shopping for ink cartridges. Printer companies have figured out that ink cartridge “sticker shock” is real, and just to hard for some consumers to get past.  In an effort to try and avoid the $50.00 ink cartridge and drive customers to 3rd party inking solutions, colors have been separated into individual ink tanks, and they are priced significantly lower.  So instead of $50.00 for a color cartridge, now the consumer will only pay $15.00 per cartridge – much easier to stomach.  It does not mean you are getting a better deal – rather it means you do not turn away (as quickly) in disgust at the high price of ink.

Going up?

One thing is for sure – the price for ink, and more importantly the price per print is going up at an alarming rate.  Now more than ever is the time to be informed, and don’t get trapped by a printer that is to expensive to operate.

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Good for those of us who forgot?

Video: CIS And Epson Stylus Photo RX595

Epson Stylus Photo RX595 with CIS:

Video – this is an older printer, however it still works great and it works even better with a continuous inking system.  Look how easy it is to install, and use.  The ink sits outside the printer and is fed to a set of resettable dummy cartridges.  If you still own this printer, and are not using a continuous inking system, get one today.