Deal: Brother MFC-5460CN $59.99 At Staples $29.99 AR

Deal or No Deal: Brother MFC-5460CN for $59.99.

Just got another printer deal from the web ad this one looks pretty good. The Brother MFC-5460CN do-everything printer will run you $59.99 plus tax at Staples. There is a $29.99 rebate available in the form of a Visa gift card which makes the net price $29.99 plus tax. Delivery is free.  Is this a deal?

Brother MFC-5460cn Multi-Function Inkjet Printer

Brother MFC-5460cn Multi-Function Inkjet Printer.


This is an easy one.  The Brother MFC-5460CN uses the LC51 series inkjet cartridges and compatibles are readily available for this printer in the range of $2.99-$4.99 per cartridge.  This is a 4-Cartridge printer, so you will need one for each (LC51Bk) black, (LC51C) cyan, (LC51M) magenta, (LC51Y) yellow.  The cartridges are rated at about 350-450 pages.  Individual cartridges are more consumer friendly, so we really like this feature.

Cartridges use in this printer (LC51 series, 4 cartridges):



LC51C Cyan


LC51M Magenta


LC51Y Yellow


You can look at the manual here (it is a PDF file).  From what we can tell from the manual this printer is a very robust fax machine with a color inkjet printer wrapped around it.  You can fax from your PC, and Ethernet networking is built into the printer (very handy).  A very robust printer, and a seemingly no-brainier purchase for $59/$29.

With it’s $29.99 price tag, free delivery, 1-year warranty, and availability of low cost compatible cartridges, we like this deal.  Amazon has a bunch of user reviews you can check out.  If you are going to use Brother original cartridges, this may not be the printer for you as a full set of their cartridges will run you at least $60.00.  Compatibles work great, and have been around for several years, and will continue to be available in the future.

good-deal-approved We like this deal, and give it a big thumbs up.

You can read more about it here:

Brother MFC-5460CN product page.

You can buy it at Staples here.

Original deal here.

News: Brother Set For 2nd Price Increase On Ink. Blames “global conditions.”

Apparently Brother does not make enough money off it’s over priced ink cartridges like its new LC65 black cartridge ($29.99).  Thirty-Bucks for an ink cartridge?!?   Since they can’t make it work at $29.99, they are jacking up prices:


“In September [2008], we informed you that we will increase our prices on selected consumable SKUs effective January 1, 2009. Now we must inform you that the prices for the remaining SKUs, with the exception of M and TZ Ptouch tapes, will be raised by 5% effective April 1, 2009.  Just to be clear, items shceduled to be increased in January will not be increased again in April.  The new price list will be effective April, 1 2009.

We tried our best to hold off on the price increases and delayed wherever we could, but due to global conditions, we can no longer avoid the inevitable.  We hope you understand the necessity to increase the remainder of the consumables that were not included in the January announcement.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best Regards,
Brian Vincent
Sr. Vice President – Sales
Brother International Corporation”

Seriously, “we tried our best?”  How about you “try your best” to make better printers and lower the ink prices to reasonable levels.  What an utter joke.  At least you can still get Brother compatible inks, otherwise we would never recommend these printers.

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