Deal or No Deal? HP Photosmart C4680 $55.00 Delivered

Deal or No Deal? HP Photosmart C4680 $55.00


HP Photosmart C4680 $55.00 Delivered

Look inside the cartridges for this printer – not recommended for heavy use.

Cartridge cover comes off the HP 60 inkjet printer cartridge ink to reveal the internal cartridge structure.

Check out the Epson Artisan 710, and 810 for heavy printing.

This is a terrible printer to select for the regular, everyday use printer.  There are many other printers out there from Epson, HP, and Canon, that have the same basic features, and use cartridges that are bigger in ink volume, and thus will provide a more favorable cost per page total.

cc641wn-60xl-black-ink-cartridge-35 dollars

This printer series uses the HP 60 cartridge series - black and color, XL and small

Cartridges for this printer come in two different sizes, full (XL) and half-full.  The physical cartridges are the same size – HP just puts more ink in the XL version of this cartridge and charges a premium for it.  This is troubling for heavy users (users who print a ream – or more – per quarter) as the cartridge yields are very low, and your effective cost per page will be very high with this printer.

Not an every day printer

This printer is NOT intended for an every-day use type printer. If you want to actually print more than 100 pages per month, skip this model, and look at other hardware options – otherwise you are going to spend a small fortune for ink.

Cartridges used:


HP 60 Series:

High capacity (full of ink)

*HP estimates, and they are wildly optimistic – in our testing HP cartridges come in at about 60% of their stated page counts.

So for a full set of full ink cartridges, you are looking at a whopping $75.98 for around 300 pages, or .25 cents per page (just for ink).

Other printers that use the HP 60 series ink cartridge include:

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  • PhotoSmart C4640
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