Inkjet Printer Reviews:

Let’s face it, take most any need you have for a printer, and odds are that there are several printer manufacturers and models to choose from.

When dealing with printer purchases it’s all about the ink.

How much ink will the printer use?  We will also make note of how ugly, over sized, loud, wonderful, spectacular, or some other adjective to describe our experience with the printer being reviewed.  Our focus however will be on what ink cartridges are available, of the manufacturer options which is the best deal, and are remanufactured or compatible ink, ribbon, or toner cartridges currently available. Buy it backwards.

Forget what you pay for the printer.  The real money is made on the ink and we try to point you in the right direction in chosing both a printer, and a specific ink carridge set you can live with.

Buy your next printer backwards.

What we mean is, start with the cartridges.  Printer manufacturers release printers in bunches, and those bunches of printers usually use the same or similar inkjet printer cartridges.  By knowing your cartridge options before selecting a specific printer or printer manufacturer, you can more easily calculate your expected cost per page.  Imagine unknowingly buying a consumer based printer at Target or Walmart for your small home office only to learn it takes the smallest and most expensive ink cartridge ever made.

Buy it backwards.

If there are any factual errors, please do let us know and we will correct them.