Canon Pixma iP4600

Canon Pixma iP4600 Inkjet Printer.

Check out our installation guide and review of the CISS, CI System for this printer.

CI system now available. Pre-filled (45 Canon cartridges worth), auto resetting chips.

Solid performer in this price range. Just a printer, nothing fancy. Has a large paper tray on the underside of the printer, and will also hold 100 sheets of paper in the back. Has a built-in auto duplexer for double sided printing. Just a fantastic printer in the $100.00 range. One negative is the shrinking of the cartridges from the previous generation of Canon printers.

Cartridges for this new printer series contain about half the ink as their predecessors CLI-8, and PGI-5 – read here. The iP4500 printer (older cartridge) will give you about 35% more prints due to the lager size of the cartridges used.

Shrinking cartridges:

New CLI-220 Canon cartridges are MUCH smaller than the previous CLI-8 series.

Uses the smaller, 220/221 series ink cartridges. Notice how it has two black ink cartridges. One (pgi-220) is physically larger than the other (cli-221). The larger PGI-220Bk goes out much more often and this will be the cartridge you will replace over and over.

  • PGI-220 Pigment Black ($14.99)
  • CLI-221 Black ($12.99)
  • CLI-221 Cyan ($12.99)
  • CLI-221 Magenta ($12.99)
  • CLI-221 Yellow ($12.99)

That works out to be about $66.95 per replacement set. Fortunately you can get cheaper compatibles that are very good quality for about $25.00 per set. Compatible CI systems using the same (pigment/dye base ink) configuration are also available, and can make the effective cost per page just fractions of a cent when compared to the OEM brand cartridge. CI systems will run you slightly more than a full set of cartridges, but considering you are getting about (45 cartridges) 45 cartridges worth of ink, you never have to worry about running out of ink ever again.

This is a good choice for a multi-purpose everyday printer. Cartridges are cheap to replace (using generic cartridges), and Canon also sells replacement print heads for around $40.00 if/when they go out. CI systems also available, and the printer is very solid in construction.

Check out this printer with a CIS (CISS) inking system:

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