Photo R260

Epson Stylus Photo R260:

Epson Stylus Photo R260 Inkjet Printer

All in one 6-color photo printer. Uses the (half-full) T078 and (almost-full) T077 inkjet cartridges. Another victim of the dual cartridge marketing effort Epson is now focusing on.


As mentioned, this printer can use either the T078 series inkjet cartridge (7ml of ink), or the T077 series inkjet cartridge (11ml of ink).  The cost is effectively the same, think of it as a pay-me-now, or pay-me-later situation.

T077 Series:

  • T077120 – Black ($19.99)
  • T077220 – Cyan ($19.99)
  • T077320 – Magenta ($19.99)
  • T077420 – Yellow ($19.99)
  • T077520 – Photo Cyan ($19.99)
  • T077620 – Photo Magenta ($19.99)

Ouch, that is $120.00 per set, and that will get you about 400 pages of black text at standard settings.  If printing photos, all bets are off.

T078 Series:

  • T078120 – Black ($16.14)
  • T078220 – Cyan ($12.99)
  • T078320 – Magenta ($12.99)
  • T078420 – Yellow ($12.99)
  • T078520 – Photo Cyan ($12.99)
  • T078620 – Photo Magenta ($12.99)

Less of a sting, but about 40% less ink than the T077 series.  A set of T078 series ink cartridges will run you $81.09 per set.

The fact that ink cartridges are so expensive means compatible cartridges, or continuous inking system for your daily printing needs.  This is a dedicated photo printer, that will also print the occasional everyday document (less than 50 per month).  Photos are quite good.  Epson uses dye based inks (claria).

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