Stylus C120

Epson Stylus C120

Works fantastic with a Continuous Inking System.

[*Staff favorite – with CI System]

Best printer and CIS, CISS, bulk ink combo - the Epson Stylus C120 with custom inking system print for pennies per page.

Get a CI system for this printer today. This printer was designed with a CI system in mind!

Quite possibly the best text, and color printer we have ever owned*. Granted we used a CIS or continuous inking system exclusively with our unit so the prince of in, or ink price was not an issue. This way,  we had the opportunity to truly evaluate the Stylus C120 features under extreme conditions.

Purchasing Epson brand ink cartridges would be insane as this printer can only use the ($20.00) T068 black cartridge – and two (2) are required.  The C120 cannot use the T069120 series black ink cartridge.  It just will not work.  Owners of this printer who use Epson brand ink, must purchase the T068120 black ink cartridge which has more ink, however it costs $40.00 for a set of two (2).

This was the first printer from Epson to use a dual black cartridge configuration to enhance print speeds.  This printer is very fast, but at $78.00 for set of cartridges (which will get you about 400 pages black text, and half that for color) not economical at all.

Cartridges used:

Epson Stylus C120 ink monitor reveals that the Stylus C120 inkjet printer uses 5 individual ink cartridges. Dual black inks.

This printer can use a combination of cartridges – however the black cartridge must be the T068 series.  The T069 series black ink cartridge will NOT work in this printer.  You can use the T068 series color cartridges in this printer as well.

T068 high capacity ink cartridges:

These cartridges contain 11ml of ink, and are good for about 400 full text pages.  If you intend to print photos exclusively, you might want to look at another printer  – the C120 is a 4-color printer, and there are some good 6-color printers that will provide better photo printing capabilities.

  • T068120 – Black (requires 2) $19.99 each
  • T068220 – Cyan (11ml, $16.99)
  • T069320 – Magenta (11ml, $16.99)
  • T069420 – Yellow (11ml, 16.99)

So a full set of full ink cartridges will set you back $90.95.  No wonder this printer failed miserably in the marketplace.  It was not the printer, it was the consumables.

T069 half-full ink cartridges:

These cartridges are halfway filled with ink, and you can mix and match with the T068 series (exception, black)

  • T069220 – Cyan (7ml, $12.34)
  • T069320 – Magenta (7ml, $12.34)
  • T069420 – Yellow (7ml, $12.34)

The T069 color cartridges are what ship with the Epson Stylus C120 inkjet printer.  Great printer, but skip the Epson ink.  A full set of these cartridges (plus 2 T068 black) will cost you $77.02.

No laser replacement here:

The C120 was positioned as a basic laser printer replacement – because of it’s speed, text quality and color printing ability – and, well, speed.  As far as being a laser printer replacement – you figure the average 1,500 page toner cartridge runs about $69.00.  Cartridges equivalent from Epson for that number of pages will cost you $292.50 for 1,500 pages.

Epson: $300.00 for 1,500 pages

Inexpensive Laser: $69 for 1,500 pages

No contest.

T069/T068 Cartridge Yields.

However…CI System is the solution.

Epson Stylus C120 CI System

There is a solution.  We have successfully used this printer here in our office to print over 10,000 pages of mixed color but mostly text pages in attempt to break the printer – still no luck.  We have put in about $89.99 + $48.00 = $137.00 for 10,000 pages.  We are using a CI system and it works great.  Quality of text is outstanding, and color prints are equally as good.  Now this is color laser printer replacement talk.

Epson: $300.00 for 1,500 pages – .20 a print

Inexpensive Laser: $69 for 1,500 pages – .05 per print

Epson C120 With Continuous Inking System: $137.00 for 10,000 pages – .01 per print.

And this of course does not include the cost of paper.  Get an Epson Stylus C120 cost saving inkjet printer equipped with a CIS, CISS, or Bulk Ink system and print for pennies.  Literately.

Epson C120 commercial – you might have seen (big marketing effort around this time).

Video on Epson Stylus C120 with installed continuous inking system.

Epson C120 Highlights: