Stylus NX400

Epson Stylus NX400:

Epson NX400 Inkjet Printer.

Not a bad little all-in-one – sleek, and not as noisy as the others. The Epson Stylus NX 400 is a  decent scanner, and prints are great, but ink is the issue – to expensive.  If you plan to print less than 100 pages over the life of the printer (and maybe 250 postcard size photos), then this is a solid performer for you. You might only have to purchase ink once or twice at $54.00 a pop.  LCD screen is nice to have. Can use high capacity inks from Epson, T068 series (11ml).  Comes with the smaller T069 series ink cartridges (7ml).

Identical in shape, form, and factor to the Epson Stylus CX8400.  In fact it is the CX8400, just with a new name silk screened onto it.  Plus “NX” sounds cool right?


Can use the T068 or T69 series ink cartridges.  They are the same physical size, however Epson attempting the dual cartridge thing to try and confuse the consumer.  The T68 color cartridges are usually found only at, black (dual packs can be found for around $40.00) and contain 11ml of ink.  If you are lucky, 400 pages of text-color docs.

  • T068120 – Black
  • T068220 – Cyan
  • T68320 – Magenta
  • T68420 – Yellow

Sot of these T068 cartridges will run you – $70.00 plus.

The “standard capacity” T069 – 7ml carts:

  • T069120 – Black
  • T068220 – Cyan
  • T068320 – Magenta
  • T068420 – Yellow

Set will run you $54.00. You can mix and match T068/T069 ink cartridges, but there are differences in the amount of ink in each of the cartridges. Quality CI systems can be had for about the cost of a set of replacement cartridges.  Consider it.

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