Workforce 30

Epson Workforce 30:

Workforce 30 Epson Inkjet Printer.

Replaces: Epson Stylus C120

Retail price: $69.99

If you are looking for a solid document printing workhorse, look no further.  Replaces the exact same specs – Epson Stylus C120 inkjet printer.  Plain and simple.  If you print lots of documents and you use Epson brand ink, expect to pay.  CI systems are available for this printer, and we suggest you use one.  Uses “dual black” cartridges (requires two (2) each T069, or T068 series cartridges).  The 5-cartridge configuration (there is also a cartridge for each Cyan (T069220), Magenta (T069320), and Yellow (T069420) makes the printer a bit faster, and when used with a CI system, a real color laser printer competitor.


This printer has (5) five cartridge slots, and each must have a working cartridge present, or the printer will not function at all.  This printer was made for a CI system, but if you would like to use Epson brand cartridges, here are the numbers:

  • T069120 – Black (7ml) *Requires two of these cartridges to be present.
  • T069220 – Cyan (7ml)
  • T069320 – Magenta (7ml)
  • T069420 – Yellow (7ml)

Then there are the T068 “high capacity” cartridges:

  • T068120 – Black (11ml) *Requires two of these cartridges to be present
  • T068220 – Cyan (11ml)
  • T068320 – Magenta (11ml)
  • T068420 – Yellow (11ml)

The whole “high capacity, standard capacity” stuff is silly.  The T069/T068 cartridges are the same physical size, but Epson puts less ink in the T069 cartridge and charges less for it ($17.09 black, $12.34 each,  colors).

Cartridge configuration for Epson Workforce 1100, Workforce 30 to determine continuous ink supply option - CIS CISS

This printer has some serious hops.  The Workforce 30 will print very fast (about 15 ppm text), and it should be a very durable printer (we have over 10k pages on a C120.  Still going strong.)

The Epson Stylus C120 – Workforce 30 – great with CI systems.

Our references to the Epson Stylus C120 might need an explanation.  These two printers are identical, with the exception of one small detail.  The Workforce 30 can accept either the T069 series black, OR the T068 series black cartridge.  The Epson Stylus C120 can only accept the T068 series black, and remember there are (2) two black cartridges required – must be installed in pairs.


Epson is closing these printers out.  They are plentiful in the Clearance section of the Epson website.  Refurbished printers can be had for as little as $40.00, and good CI systems are around $89.00, or the price of a new set of cartridges.

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