Workforce 500

Good printer for what it offers:

Even better with a continuous inking system (CIS).

Workforce 500 Epson Inkjet PrinterGood printer, but do not use Epson brand cartridges – otherwise you will pay dearly. The Workforce 500 uses 4 cartridges, so it would be perfect for home or office general use (less than 100 pages per month).  Compatible cartridges are available, and will run you about $4.00 each – use them. Solid performer, and with the built-in fax it makes a great office printer.

If you can spare the extra cash, and don’t need a standard paper feed design, a better choice would be the Artisan 800.  If not, a bundle with Workforce 500 and CI system can be had for $89.00.

Click here for an explanation of what ink cartridges can be used. The Workforce 500 Series can use either the T068, or T069 series inkjet cartridges.

Short Specifications:

  • 5-in-1 – Print, Copy, Scan, Fax, Photo
  • Print up to 33 ppm in black and color
  • Built-in memory card slots and 2.5-inch LCD
  • Built-in, 30-page ADF (auto document feeder)
  • OCR and creative software included
  • Auto Photo Correction
  • 3-sec-per-page fax; legal size; speed dials
  • Uses up to 3x less power than a laser printer
  • 1-year limited warranty, quick exchange

Cartridges Used:

Epson has employed a 2 two cartridge marketing effort with this printer.  The T068 or T069 series cartridges can be used in this printer.  They are both physically the same size, however the T068 series has 11ml of ink, and the T069 series contains 7ml of ink.  The overall cost is effectively the same, so watch out for falling for the “high capacity” marketing trick.

T069 Series Ink Cartridges Installed In The Workforce 500 Inkjet Printer

Four cartridges used in the Epson Wrokforce 500 series inkjet printer from Epson.

High capacity 11ml cartridges.

  • T068120 – Black
  • T068220 – Cyan
  • T068320 – Magenta
  • T068420 – Yellow

Standard capacity 7ml cartridges.

  • T069120 – Black
  • T069220 – Cyan
  • T69320 – Magenta
  • T069420 – Yellow

The scanner is quite good, and the auto sheet feeder is nice, but remember – none of the multi-function features will work if there are no cartridges in the printer, or if one needs replacing.

Excellent printer when combined with a CI system.

Workforce 500 Inkjet Printer With Continuous Inking System CIS CISS Bulk Ink.

Nice and tactile keys that feel solid

Epson Workforce 500 Inkjet Printer.

Copy, scan, fax, all right there at your fingertips

Pick-up the sweet bundle deal for $89.00 here.

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