Officejet 6000

Hewlett Packard HP Officejet 6000:

HP Hewlett Packard Officejet 6000 Inkjet System

Continuous inking system available for this printer – (CIS, CISS, Bulk ink).

Why we like it?  Will work with CI system.  HP uses a dual cartridge marketing strategy on this printer series (6500, 7000).  Can use either a half full of ink 920 cartridge, or the more full 920XL series ink cartridge. Uses 4 individual ink cartridges.  The  cartridges which are used in this printer consist of the HP 920 series.  There is the standard HP 920 – black which contains about half the amount of ink as the HP 920XL version of the same cartridge.  XL stands for the price (higher) and amount of ink (more) are the difference here.

HP 920 series inkjet printer cartridge.

HP 920 Cartridges:

So figure $50.00 for a set of these.  Ouch.  CI system possible with these cartridges, and should be used.

HP 920XL Cartridges:

*Please. These are HP lab estimates.

So that looks like a minimum of $75.00 for a full set of these cartridges.  And as always, HP tries to confuse us with double part numbers.  Is it 920?  or CD975AN?  Both?  Ok, thanks HP.  And that is a $30.00 black cartridge.  Will give you about the same number of prints as the Epson dual black cartridge which runs $40.00. That gets expensive, a minimum of a replacement black cartridge every 6-8 weeks if you print 100 times per month.  CI system may be the way to go.

Cartridge replacement:

This replacing a cartridge video shows the insides of the printer – looks like an Epson or Canon configuration.  Technique is the same for the Officejet 6500 and 7000 series.

Some reviews here –

And as always, on Amazon.

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