Review: Continuous Ink System For Artisan 800 810 (CIS CISS Bulk)

Epson Artisan 800 – 810 With CIS System:

Epson Artisan 800 WIth CIS CISS Continuous Ink System Freedom To Print

The Artisan 800 and Artisan 810 are identical in configuration, look, shape, cartridges used, with the exception of one piece of hardware.  The Epson auto duplexer is included with the Artisan 810 – available as a $30.00 add-on for Artisan 800, and 700 owners.

Going to be the last printer we ever purchase – seriously. The highlights?

  1. Wireless – (not a big deal now, but will be a favorite feature quickly)
  2. Six (6) cartridge system that does not move (makes using a CIS a must do)
  3. Really nice quality prints on photo paper or plain paper
  4. No more worries about ink
  5. Fax built-in
  6. Scanner is 4800 dpi – think postage stamp blown up to the size of a billboard
  7. Media readers (mounts accessible networked volumes – nifty feature)
  8. Paper tray is small, but will hold plain paper and 4×6, or 5×7 photo paper in the top section. Holds two sizes.  Can automatically determine what paper is used or selected
  9. Large 7.8 inch display makes using without a computer easier than when connected to the printer.
  10. Optional $30.00 duplxer (prints on both sides automatically)
  11. Prints to CDs – and it looks cool, hidden CD tray

Great printer – but not if you are using Epson’s cartridge.  Incredibly, the Epson Artisan 800 is a perfectly built printer to take advantage of a continuous inking system (bulk ink).  The CIS has no moving parts, and ink is fed directly to the printer as it needs it.  Just a wonderful set-up, and can be had for cheap.  Think cost per page in the .02-.03 range – 4-color photo printing.  The Artisan 800 has 6 cartridges (colors) which makes photos, presentations, or even simple prints look fantastic.

Click here for youtube video

Epson Artisan CIS CISS Bulk Ink System 119.00 And Never Buy Another Cartridge

Artisan Owners $120.00 For CIS

Already own an Epson Artisan 700, 710, 800, 810 inkjet printer – no problem.  Kits are incredibly simple to install, and you can kiss buying cartridges goodbye.  Estimate paying in the $95-$120 range (with shipping and taxes) for a good system.  Prints rated at 3,000 for included ink, 5,000 pages after with simple $40.00 full set refill.

Easy installation for your Artisan 800 Epson CIS CISS Bulk Ink System.

Easy installation for your Artisan 800 Epson CIS CISS Bulk Ink System.

Easy installation for your Artisan 800 Epson CIS CISS Bulk Ink System.

Easy installation for your Artisan 800 Epson CIS CISS Bulk Ink System.

Press this reset button when the printer claims it's out of ink.

Artisan 800 Ink Sits Outside The Printer CIS CISS

Prints so cheap…you can print!

The ink sits outside the printer and is easily refilled.  As stated earlier, after the initial 40-50ml of ink that is included with the system is used (about 3,000 pages) – refills will run you $50.00 a box for all 6 colors (120ml each bottle).  Not a bad deal, and most likely the last ink you will ever purchase. A plus from us.

Check out this video and see what we mean about no moving parts.  The cartridges in the CI system do not move.