Deal: Epson Artisan 810 $169 – Shipped

CIS Friendly Epson Artisan 810 – $169

Spotted over at Amazon.

The Epson Artisan 810 inkjet printer can be had for $169.99 over at  When compared to its predecessor the Epson Artisan 800 at $129 at the Epson store, this is a pretty good deal – considering that the Artisan 810 includes the ($30.00) auto-duplexer.  The Artisan 800 and Artisan 810 are identical printers, however there is a slight difference in the software bundles.  Overall not a bad deal at $169 plus free shipping.

Epson Artisan 810 Inkjet Printer $169 At

Works great with a CI system:

This printer works great with a CI system, and we suggest getting one if you are a high volume printer.  Quality is very good, and there are no moving parts with the artisan series.  Check out our video’s of installation and use of a CI system. Detailed specifications here.