Deal or No Deal? Dell v313 Inkjet Printer $39.99 (hint, no deal)

Dell v313 All-In-One Printer $39.00

Dell (Lexmark) v313 All In One Inkjet printer.

Dell should pay *you* to take this money pit.

Is it a deal? Absolutely not – and it sums up perfectly the printer not to get.  We only looked up this printer after receiving a “tweet” from @dealsplus:

Today only, get the Dell V313 Printer – prints, copies, and scans – for just $39.99 plus free shipping! …

This is no deal.  In fact, we are not sure why anyone would ever buy a Dell printer (of any kind) when you can only get ink and toner cartridges directly from Dell.  Talk about frustrating.  What about the the 3-year warranty? That only means you will be compelled to get it fixed once it breaks – thus continuing the original bad deal you get on ink cartridges.

We have a strict “no Dell printers” policy.  What is the point really?  You can get an equally equipped HP, Canon, Epson, or Brother printer for about the same price, and there are much better cartridge options out there for these printers.  Dell printers are made by Lexmark, for Dell.  You do not want to get “locked-in” to a printer that will cost you a fortune on ink – it’s just a bad idea.

Cartridge games they play…

Dell 21 series black ink cartridge skip it.

Dell 21 series black ink cartridge

Dell 21 series tri-color ink cartridge

Dell 21 series tri-color ink cartridge

Cartridges for this printer are yet another joke – when you see a printer with two (2) or more sizes of cartridges, you can bet you are getting ripped-off.  Cartridges used:

  • Dell 21 Series Black – $16.00 – 200 pages*
  • Dell 21 Series Tri-Color* – $20.00 – 200 pages*

*When you see the term “tri-color” it means that all the color inks are contained in a single cartridge, separated by chambers – one each for cyan, magenta, and yellow.

To add insult to injury, there are also “high capacity” ink cartridges available.  When you see “high capacity”, or “XL”, or “super high capacity”, or “high yield”, or the Dell version “Hi Yield” they are just euphemisms for full cartridges.

Dell 22 series hi yield black ink cartridge.

Dell 22 series "hi yield" black ink cartridge

Dell 22 series hi yield tri-color ink cartridge

Dell 22 series hi yield tri-color ink cartridge

  • Dell 22 Series “hi yield” Black – $30.00 – 400 pages*
  • Dell 22 Series “hi yield” Color – $35.00 – 400 pages*

*Dell estimates (not buying it)

So that is $65.00 for a full set, or $36.00 for a half-full set.  Information about how many pages you can expect, or <gasp!> the amount of ink contained in each cartridge are not listed on the website.  Posted “reviews” include phrases like…

“Agree. Ridiculously overpriced..for a 100 page yield? Ridiculous.”

“it feels like I’m being robbed every time I order ink”

We asked Dell how much ink was contained in the cartridge, and their online “sales rep” offered this information:

thank you, for the dell v313 we can only provide you with an estimated [number] of pages it can produce (200 pages for small, 400 pages for completely full), the content as to how much [ink these cartridges contain] is not available in the tech specs (no kidding), would you like to order ink? ill gv you free shipping for next business day delivery?

Just avoid this printer (and all printers like it) at all cost, and it’s not just Dell.  Look out for Lexmark, HP (Oficejet J4500-J4600 series specifically), Canon, and even some Epson printers that use tiny amounts of ink in their cartridges, offer multiple cartridge choices, and are for cheap ($50.00 or less) printers.  Big Ink will get you eventually, and if it sounds to good to be true…

Review: HP 901 Series Inkjet Printer Cartridges – Skip It

HP 901 Series Inkjet Cartridge

*look inside the HP 901 – joke of a cartridge  – here.

HP 901 black inkjet printer cartridge opened and exposed to reveal the internal structure of the ink cartridge

These cartridges should be avoided at all costs.  Not getting very much love over at the HP website either. Could it be because the cartridges are so expensive?  We think so.

HP 901 series cartridges are not very popular over at HP.

This printer uses a single black cartridge, and a single tri-color cartridge (all the colors – cyan, magenta, yellow –  are contained in one cartridge).  Both cartridges must be present for multi-function features to work.

HP 901 Black CC653AN Inkjet Printer Cartridge
HP 901 Black CC653AN – $14.99
HP 901 Color CC656AN - Inkjet Printer Cartridge
HP 901 Color CC656AN – $28.99
HP 901XL Black Inkjet Printer Cartridge CC654AN
HP 901XL Black CC654AN – $31.99

Officejet J4500, and J4600 Cartridges:

HP 901 Inkjet Printer Cartridges - Color And Black

Printers that use the HP 901 series ink cartridge, should be avoided – the Officejet J4500, and J4600 series specifically (full list below).  These cartridge contain a very low amount of ink, and HP states on their website that the cartridge yield is a measly 200 pages for the smaller-ink-volume black 901 cartridge and will run you $14.99.  It has been our experience with HP ink cartridges, that the page yield estimates HP provides are off by as much as 40%.  Realistically, you can expect about 120 full text pages from this cartridge.

Page yields for these cartridges:

*HP estimates – your mileage will vary…greatly.

There is also a “high capacity” black cartridge available – the same cartridge but filled full with ink – for $31.99.  Estimates for the HP 901XL inkjet cartridge are 700 pages.  Figure 400 max.  Finally, there is the color cartridge, which provides an estimated 360 pages (in reality?), and will run you $28.99.  S0 if we want to actually use the printer for serious printing, that will be $60.98 for a set of appropriate cartridges.  That is $100.00 to print a ream of paper (500 pages).

Skip this money pit:

There are plenty of other printers on the market that do not require so much cash for ink – look into individual ink tank printers from Canon, Epson, Brother, or even HP.  If you want to increase the options for consumables, there is really no reason in even considering these printers, the cartridges rule it out.  Houston, we have #cartridge #fail at an estimated .40 cents per text print.

Printers that use the HP 901 series cartridge (so you can avoid buying one).

HP Officejet J4000 All-in-One series

HP officejet J4500.  Don't even think about buying this printer.

HP officejet J4500. Don't even think about buying this printer.

  • OfficeJet J 4500
  • OfficeJet J4524
  • OfficeJet J4540
  • OfficeJet J4550
  • OfficeJet J4580
  • OfficeJet J4624
  • OfficeJet J4640
  • OfficeJet J4660
  • OfficeJet J4680