Deal: Epson Artisan 800 – $114.99 Delivered

Epson Artisan 800 Photo Printer $114.99 After Coupon:

The Epson Artisan inkjet printer is being closed out by Epson, and they can be had for $129.99 with free shipping (tax in IN, TN, CA).  Apply coupon code “savings15” for $15 off a $75 or more order – and your net price is $114.99.  Quite the deal on this brand new unit.  For more info on the Artisan 800, click here.

What about the Artisan 810?

The Epson Artisan 800 inkjet printer, is identical to the “newer” Artisan 810.  There is one difference however – the Artisan 810 includes the auto duplexer unit that is optional on the Artisan 800 (can be had for $30.00-$40.00).  So the Artisan 800 is still cheaper $114.99 + $30 = $145.00, if you buy the duplexer later.  If you do not think you will use the auto duplexer (prints to both sides of the page automatically), save the cash and pick up an Artisan 800 for $129 and apply coupon code “savings15” for an additional $15.00 off the purchase price.  Free shipping, sales tax is charged in CA, IN, TN.

Epson Artisan 810 Inkjet Printer

Check out our review with a CI System.

Un-boxing of the refurbished version – and the retail version.  The refurbished model is available with same “savings15” coupon for $96, however it is missing the additional black ink cartridge (T098) that comes with the retail version, so it’s a wash really as the T098 black ink cartridge will run you about $20.00 after ship/tax.  $114 for the new model, refurbished gos for $96+20 for the extra cart = $116.  Go with the new one.

Review: Epson Waste Ink Pads – Artisan 800

What exactly are the “waste ink pads?”

If you simply want to reset the error message and resume printing, click here.

Exactly what it sounds like.  Waste ink from cleanings and borderless printing has to have some place to collect, and that place is the waste ink pad. Like a bunch of paper towels wadded up together to trap stray ink.  Here is a picture.

Epson Artisan Waste Ink Pad

Everywhere you see black, or dark – that used to be white.  There is not a sensor here, just an ink collection system.  This is from a printer that was wanting to be reset (we had to reset it with $20.00 utility – read here). That plastic bottle in the middle of the picture has a tube running to it when attached to the printer.  See below.

Why do I care?

If you are getting a “replace ink waste pad, or Epson waste ink pads need replacing” message and the printer has stopped functioning, don’t get ready to toss it quite yet – there might be a quick fix for that.  Try to keep that older printer (less than 3 yrs old) working as long as possible – older printers are great when it comes to compatible cartridges, re-manufactured cartridges, and other inking systems.  These alternatives to overpriced brand name inks are usually more readily available the older the printer is.

Artisan 800 waste ink pad atached to printer via tubing.

There is a constant cat and mouse game going on with the printer manufacturers, and the aftermarket ink manufacturers.  Oddly, it’s not the ink cartridge technology that is changing, so much as it is new engineering efforts to prevent casual refilling, and make reliable professional re-manufacturing more difficult.  Add to that the shrinking of the cartridge, successful litigation against the Chinese compatible cartridge market (near elimination of it), and multiple cartridges for different printers which is confusing the consumer and you have an inkjet printer market which is chaotic to say the least.

Video of the installation or removal.

Been around a while…

The waste ink pads are normally a chore to replace, or bypass, however Epson is making it much easier to re-route the ink waste line on the Artisan line of printers, which is very easy to get to.  Simply remove one screw, pry open plastic cover, and pads and tubing are revealed.  Just a tip, there is a metal plate covering the plastic door – it can get gangly, so try to keep it attached to the plastic pad holder if you can.  Yet another example of some very simplified engineering (manufacturing?) on these Artisan series inkjet printers.  User replaceable parts?

Cart before the horse.

There must be a reset utility available for any of this to work.  You can replace the waste ink pads as much as you like, but without a way to reset the page count (waste ink count) stored in a memory chip inside the printer the printer is just dead.  There might need to be a way to re-route the waste ink flow, or replace the waste ink pads – if – print quality suffers, or paper is getting continuously smeared with ink (and you have traced the problem to this issue).  There are two schools of thought when it comes to waste ink – ignore the error, reset the printer and don’t worry about the pads.  Or, simply re-route the tubing that deposits waste ink – into a container, or bag. We have to admit – we have an Epson Artisan R200 here in the office going on 3 resets, and no seemingly ill effects from the lack of ink pad replacement.  It is possible the waste ink pads can dry themselves out over time, but if you have a high printing volume they may become to wet and need diversion or replacement.

Artisan 800:

As far as the Artisan 800 goes, here is where the ink pads are located.  On the underside of the printer (look for the metal plate).  Remove that one screw (to the right) where the USB, telephone, and ethernet ports are, and that plate levers at the bottom. The waste ink pads pop right out with a twist of a screwdriver (see above video)

Bottom of the Epson Artisan 800 inkjet printer waste ink pad replacement.

Replacement waste ink pads – the one that caused our service error is on the top.

Epson Artisan 800 waste ink pad replacement.  Shown here are two replacement pads - one caused an error, one is pulled from a dead printer.

Review – Epson Artisan 800 Waste Ink Reset Software

Et tu, Artisan 800?

Printer ink pads are at the end of their service life. Please contact Epson support.

for info on the Octoinkjet external waste ink kit click here.

Waste ink error on the Epson Artisan 700, 710, 800, 810 series.

Your printer is not broken:

If you simply want to replace the pads, look here.

This error (service request) is common with Epson printers, however it seems to be coming up more lately, and more for the Epson Artisan series specifically.  Owners of the Epson Artisan 700, 710, 800, or 810 be on the look-out for the following error message that will cripple any printer use until resolved,

“Printer ink pads are at the end of their service life. Please contact Epson support.”

If you have used the SSC Service Utility for Epson Stylus printers, then this may not be new information to you (about the planned obsolescence of your Epson printer). We highly recommend SSC program for owners of older Epson printers. It is a 3rd party utility for resetting a number of things on your “presumed dead” Epson printer.

This is not a death sentence for your printer.  There is a way to reset this annoying little “error” for the Epson Artisan series, however it will cost you, and it’s not available trough Epson directly.  You can download the actual Epson service application over at for $20.00 and the error is corrected with the press of a button (resetting the waste ink counter).  This software is for PC only, so if you are a Mac user/owner you will need to boot into Windows if possible – if not, better find a friend with a Peecee you can borrow.  The fact that you have to pay $20.00 for the software is no fun, but at least its available for download, and it corrected the issue – the software also provides some other minimal printer intel.  Epson does provide a (software – PC only) reset utility for some printers, however the Artisan series are not listed there as of yet. They want serial number, name, eMail address, etc…

Epson Adjustment Program For Artisan 800. Waste ink pad reset issue.

Welcome screen once the Epson printer utility reset is open. PC only, this will not run on Mac OS

So for now, the only option we know of is to pay (a 3rd party) for the actual Epson Repair Utility.  We paid our $20.00 and the program worked perfectly – did exactly what we wanted it to do.  We also noticed some other neat monitoring features of the Epson software, but we were disappointed that we were unable to turn things off – scanner sensor, ink monitor, chip reset, etc.  There are a few cool utilities to reset the printer to out of the box condition (factory settings) – you can force a print head (ink) charge, check ink levels, but still frustrated with lack of the ability to disable things.  We tried an EEPROM dump, then attempted re-import and we got an error message to the effect, “you need other software.”

Our Epson Artisan 800 claims that the waste ink pads are full.

Waste ink pads say the need replacing. This is not true, however. Our printer only has 519 prints on it. (see below)

Long story short, it did what we wanted it to do, but wish it did more.  Your mileage may vary, and if you have ideas/ways to turn things off please let us know. The 2manuals offering at $20.00 is the actual Epson tech program.  This program is not distributed by Epson, not intended for public use.  Let’s just say we are not asking them where they got it.

After the waste ink reset process - just the push of a button really on our Epson Artisan 800 inkjet printer.

After clearing the waste in pad counters on the Artisan 800 inkjet printer.

It is also important to note that in some cases it may actually be necessary to replace the waste ink pads at some point, however our faulty Epson Artisan 800 inkjet printer only showed 519 prints, so this was an error message caused by something at the factory.  It was covered by warranty, but we had modified this Artisan 800 to work with our CI system, so warranty service was not an option.  Once a printer gets into the 10k-20k page range, it might be wise to either replace the actual waste ink pads, or another less maintenance option is to re-route the waste ink tube entirely.  We have run an Epson Stylus Photo R200 with a CI system for over 5 years, and after 3 resets, we have yet to replace the waste ink pads.

Lot’s of things to look at:

This is a composite image of what the adjustment program will let you adjust, and what it will let you look at.

Epson Artisan 800 Inkjet Reset Waste Ink Pad Software

Complete list of all the things you can do with the Epson utility software.

Printer information check:

We ran a printer information check before we reset the waste ink pads – just to know the totals.  As you can see below, this specific Epson Artisan 800 had only printed 519 pages according to this report.  Why this printer got the waste ink pad error message is a mystery.

Cannot be right?  The printer will not function at all until the waste ink pad situation is reset.

Information about our Epson Artisan 800 inkjet printer with the waste ink pad issue. Notice there have only been 519 pages print.

Review: That other way of routing your CIS tubing

Another CIS success story.

Kristen provides owners of the Epson Artisan 710 inkjet printer  – pictures, and a youtube video link of routing a continuous inking system (CIS) tubing through the back of the printer.  We still like the sensor method better, however Kristen mentioned that “the screw” was ultra-tight, or glued in place on her Artisan 700 inkjet printer.  We believe her and think this method also rocks.

Step-by-step process provided by Kristen.


Epson Artisan 710 CIS, CISS, Continuous ink system - routing of CIS tubing back behind printer.

Tools she used. Pair of blunt-nose pliers, and box cutter.

Where to “grind”:

Epson Artisan 710 grinding required to route the tubing to the back of the printer.

Epson Artisan 710 grinding required to route the tubing to the back of the printer.

Tubing looks very nice:

Epson Artisan 700 CIS tubing routing towards the back of the printer.  Comes out the back of the printer, tube lays flat.

Epson Artisan 700 CIS tubing routing towards the back of the printer. Comes out the back of the printer, tube lays flat.

The finished project:

Epson Artisan 710 CIS continuous inking system connected through the back of the printer.

Epson Artisan 710 CIS continuous inking system connected through the back of the printer. Saving money on ink SUCCESS!

(nice duplexer).  The Artisan 710 includes the duplexer standard (translation, Epson no longer charges $30.00 for this as add-on).


If you work better with video, Kiristen was nice enough to send that link as well:

Deal: Epson Artisan 800 Refurbished $96

Epson Artisan 800 Refurbished – $96

This is a really good deal.  The Artisan 800 series of inkjet printers are some of the best printers on the market.  A do everything, all-in-one with ADF, 4800dpi scanner, media readers, wireless, Ethernet, fax, dual paper tray – this thing has it all.

The Artisan 800 All-In-One Printer – Refurbished – $109.00 (free ground shipping).  Use coupon codesavings15” for $15.00 off and a net price of $96.00 delivered.  CI systems can be had for this printer, and they are very easy to install and use.  Look here to see what you can expect from a refurbished Epson printer – 1-year warranty.

Artisan 800 Epson refurb, refurbished inkjet printer deal.

Note, the refurbished version DOES NOT include an extra T098 black cartridge like the retail version does.  You get 6 cartridges with this printer – not 7.

Difference between the Epson Artisan 700 or 710 and the Artisan 800 or 810

Main differences between the Artisan 700/710 and the Artisan 810:

The Epson Artisan 700 is Smaller Than The Artisan 800 Inkjet Printer From Epson.

  • Price difference ($???)
  • No built-in fax
  • No included auto duplexer (for printing on both sides of the page)
  • Scanner is 2400 dpi (optical) vs. 4800 dpi for Artisan 800/810
  • No auto document feeder
  • Cannot print from video clips
  • Smaller 2.5 inch LCD for viewing photos (no “on screen” controls)
  • OCR trial software not included

The Artisan 800 has all the features mentioned above, with the exception of the included auto duplexing attachment with the Artisan 810 – for the Artisan 800 it is available as a $29.99 add on.  Both the Artisan 700, and the Artisan 710 lack all the features above, but with one notable exception.  The Artisan 710, DOES include the auto duplexer device that will let you print on both sides of the paper.

Analog vs. Digital controls:

Epson Artisan 700 and 710 compared with the Artisan 800 and 810 series.

Video: Epson Artisan 800 With CI System

Epson Artisan 800 CIS:

Video looking at a CI System for an Epson Artisan 800 inkjet printer.  The functionality is this same for the Artisan 700, 710, and 810 6-color photo inkjet printers.  Cost per print is in the .01 cent range.  Seriously.