Cost of Ink: Do Not Print This eMail…Please?

Just got a note from a reader at a State University, and we noticed this on his signature line:


Please don't print, we can't afford it.

Before printing this eMail think if it is necessary?  We like the picture of the tree, very green.  Maybe we are too cynical but it seems like a trick to save money on ink and toner, not paper.  Paper can be easily recycled (and it is, in large quantities), and inkjet cartridges can also be recycled even though printer companies like Lexmark, and HP would prefer that 3rd parties not get involved.  We believe the more likely reason for the “please don’t print” message is more about attempting to cut consumable costs, and less about saving the planet.

Paper is expensive?

Just think how many inkjet cartridges, and toner cartridges  a 30,000 student State University uses per day.  While we applaud the University in attempting to save the planet one eMail at a time, the real issue is the cost of ink and toner, and the reluctance of the printer industry to make peace with 3rd party remanufacturers.