Not sure if this one is possible – new cartridges used on this printer.  CI systems will be available in the future. Find out what you want to know about these ink cartridges for the Canon Pixma iP 4820 (iP4820).

The Canon Pixma iP4820 “replaces” the Canon Pixma iP4700 – ip4600.

canon pixma iP4280 inkjet printer from Canon 7-20-09

Canon Pixma iP4280

There are several things we like about this printer…

Things to like about the Canon Pixma iP4820 inkjet printer.

  1. Auto duplexing is built into the printer, and it is very simple to use.  The duplexing feature do not add any additional weight, or necessary space to the printer footprint.
  2. Borderless printing is a must, but not long ago there were some printers that did not support it.
  3. Two paper trays (feed through back, or try on bottom)  on these printers [ip4200, ip4300, ip4500, ip4600, ip4700] is a very nice luxury.
  4. Individual ink tanks is a must – easy to refill, compatible cartridges (usually) readily available, and replace only what you need.  Tip – keep an extra of each cartridge on hand as all five (5) cartridges must be present in order for the printer to function.

Canon Pixma iP4820 Cons?

This is not an AIO (all-in-one) printer, so if you are bummed about it not having a scanner, or USB card readers, check out the Canon MG5220 , or the MG5120.

The Canon print head is end user replaceable on this printer.  In fact, when the printer is set up for the first time, the print head must be installed into the printer so the cartridges can also be installed into the print head – Canon printers (that use this cartridge series) do not ship with the print head installed into the printer.  Replacement print heads can be purchased direct from Canon 1-800-652-2666 for around $50.00.  It’s basically like getting a new printer.  If the print head fails while the printer is under warranty, that is covered so call Canon direct.

Link to specifications page for this printer:


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