Workforce 40

Epson Workforce 40:

Epson Workforce 40 Inkjet Printer

New wireless version of the C120, Workforce 30:

Retail price: $99

Wireless inkjet printer.  No other functions.  Same print-head as the Workforce 600, 610.  Can use the T097 ($30 – 15ml), T068 ($20 – 11ml), or T069 ($17 – 7ml)  black ink cartridges.

4 cartridge configuration, wireless – Ethernet connection (networkable), means that when coupled with a CI system this printer is suitable for larger office settings.  Wireless feature is very nice for those on home networks.  Can easily share one printer from any system.  Will quickly become your favorite feature.

No CI system available for this model just yet.  Use only with compatible or re-manufactured ink cartridges.  OEM cartridges are way to expensive.

Includes the following ink cartridges:

  • One 97 Extra High-Capacity Black Ink cartridge (T097120)
  • One 69 Cyan Ink cartridge (T069220)
  • One 69 Magenta Ink cartridge (T069320)
  • One 69 Yellow Ink cartridge (T069420)

Epson Workforce 600 Printer With Cartridges Installed T097 Black Included With Printer Can Also Use T069, or T068 cartridges.

Optional T068 series cartridges also compatible:

  • T068120 – high capacity Black (11ml) $19.99
  • T068220 – high capacity Cyan (11ml) $16.99
  • T068320 – high capacity Magenta (11ml) $16.99
  • T068420 – high capacity Yellow (11ml) $16.99

Workforce 610 600 T069 cartridges installed in printer print head.

Just the facts ma’am:

This is just a basic 4-color printer.  Compatible cartridges cost about 50% less than Epson brand cartridges.  Last longer.  Expect 120 pages from T069, 250 pages T068, and 350 pages T097.  Solid printer, but Epson inks just to expensive for everyday use. Claims of up to 38 pages-per-minute, however real world speeds are in the 12-16 page-per-minute range.

Wait for a CI system to become available before purchasing this model.

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