Workforce 310

Epson Workforce 310:

Workforce 310 Epson All In One Inkjet Printer.

Looks like an Epson Workforce 600-610 less the larger ink cartridge option.

Retail price: $129.99


Standard capacity ink cartridges:

  • T069120 – standard capacity Black (7ml) $16.99
  • T069220 – standard capacity Cyan (7ml) $12.34
  • T069320 – standard capacity Magenta (7ml) $12.34
  • T069420 – standard capacity Yellow (7ml) $12.34

Optional T068 series cartridges also compatible:

  • T068120 – high capacity Black (11ml) $19.99
  • T068220 – high capacity Cyan (11ml) $16.99
  • T068320 – high capacity Magenta (11ml) $16.99
  • T068420 – high capacity Yellow (11ml) $16.99

The effective cost-per-ml is about the same for any of these cartridges so choose wisely.  Ink cartridges from Epson are way to expensive for this printer to be a realistic choice for a color laser printer replacement, however when used with compatible or re-manufactured cartridges, or even better, a continuous inking system (CIS) the cost per page equation goes much more in your favor.  When printing black text documents, you can expect to get about 350 pages from the T068 cartridges, and about 250 pages from the T069 series.  If you print lots of color documents, those cartridges yields will decrease considerably.

Set of T069 cartridges will set you back $54.01, a set of T068 cartridges runs $70.96.  All cartridge prices are from Epson direct.  Not exactly a cheap printer to operate if you are printing lots of documents.

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