Officejet 6500

Hewlett Packard HP Officejet 6500:

HP officejet 6500 inkjet printer.

Continuous inking system available for this printer – (CIS, CISS, Bulk ink).

Why we like it? Will work with CI system. HP uses a dual cartridge marketing strategy on this printer series (6500, 7000). Can use either a half full of ink 920 cartridge, or the more full 920XL series ink cartridge (so that is a total of 8 possible part numbers for this one printer). Uses 4 individual ink cartridges – black (over-sized cartridge, but expensive) , cyan, magenta, yellow. As mentioned, available in full (XL), or half full cartridges (no XL).

HP 920 series inkjet printer cartridge.

HP 920 Cartridges:

So figure $50.00 for a set of these. Ouch. CI system possible with these cartridges, and should be used.

HP 920XL Cartridges:

*Please. These are HP lab estimates.

So that looks like a minimum of $75.00 for a full set of these cartridges. And as always, HP tries to confuse us with double part numbers. Is it 920? or CD975AN? Both? Ok, thanks HP. And that is a $30.00 black cartridge. Will give you about the same number of prints as the Epson dual black cartridge which runs $40.00. That gets expensive, a minimum of a replacement black cartridge every 6-8 weeks if you print 200-300 times per month. CI system may be the way to go, as it is a solid printer.

The Highlights:

  • Built-in wireless printing, or Ethernet
  • Memory card slots
  • Auto Document Feeder (ADF)
  • Duplexer for double sided printing
  • Print, Copy, Scan, Fax
  • 250-sheet paper tray (nice)

Included in the box:


Cartridge replacement:

This replacing a cartridge video shows the insides of the Officejet 6000 printer – looks like an Epson or Canon configuration.  Technique is the same for the Officejet 6500 and 7000 series.

Some reviews here –

And as always, on Amazon.

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