Deal: Epson Artisan 810 $145.99

Epson Artisan 810 Inkjet Printer $169 At Amazon.comThis is a pretty good deal – Epson Artisan 810 $145.99 has the Epson Artisan 810 inkjet printer for $145.99 – this is a very good price and on the extreme low end of pricing for new printers from Epson. The refurbished Artisan 8xx series sell for $109.00.

Why We Link The Artisan 810:

  • Excellent (cost per page) printer when combined with continuous ink system (CIS, CISS)
  • Wireless operation
  • 6-color photo printer
  • multi-function all in one (AIO)
  • 2-year warranty (when registered) from Epson


Deal: Refurb Canon Pixma MX860 MX 860 Wireless Printer – $69

It’s not enough to be just a “cheap printer.”  What are the ongoing costs of operation? What about the ink cartridges?

From Techbargians:

Canon PIXMA MX860 Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer (Refurb, Wifi, Duplex, ADF) $69.99

Newegg has the Refurbished Canon PIXMA MX860 Color Inkjet Multifunction Printer/Copier/Fax/Scanner for a low $69.99 after coupon code EMCYVNN49 (Exp 7/28). $3.99 Shipping. Tax in CA, NJ, TN, PR.

9600x2400dpi; 2.5″ color LCD; card reader; USB 2.0, ethernet, 802.11b/g wireless connectivity; automatic duplex (double-sided) printing; 15-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF)

Canon MX860 inkjet printer - wireless.

This is a good deal for several reasons – this printer is loaded with features. The print head for this printer is valued at $50.00, and the cartridges that are included are worth at least $50.00 (if purchased separately) – so this printer pays you to take it home.  Good feature set, and reliable operation. We have looked at this printer, and it is *not* a good candidate for a continuous inking system – there is not much clearance, and if you do decide to go CIS, CISS, some serious surgery will be required on this printer.


The warranty on refurbished Canon inkjet printers is only 90 days.  The print head included with this printer (QY6-0073-000) will also work in the Pixma iP3600, PiXMA MP620, and Canon Pixma MX860.

Click here for Newegg Pricing. Limit 5 per customer.

Want A New MX860?

Click here for a *new* Canon MX860 is available from Amazon for $30.00 more, plus free shipping ($99.99 delivered). The *new* Canon MX860 includes a full 1-year warranty.

Cartridges Used:

The Canon MX860 uses 5 individual ink cartridges – the “larger” PGI-220 black cartridge is for text, and the CLI-221 photo black gets used only when photos are being printed.

New Canon OEM cartridges will run $14-black, and $13-colors. Compatible cartridges can be had for $3-$4, and refilling is also an option on these tiny ink cartridges.

You can take a look at the PGI-220/CLI-221 cartridges here:

Canon Specifications Page:


See this printer in action:

Deal: HP Oficejet 8000 $55.00 Delivered – Website

Hewlett Packard Officejet 8000 injet printer on sale at the website

Most economical inkjet printer you can get? Has a black cartridge that is 49ml (940xl)

Officejet 8500 only $55.00

On the website, you can get the Officejet 8000 inkjet printer – with free shipping – for a low $79.99 after two $50.00 instant rebates – via this link – Use coupon code SVMB39487 to get an additional $25.00 off making the net price $54.99. Free ground Shipping.

Some of the gripes have been – its big, and loud. The SVMB39487 coupon code has restrictions.  It is $25 off $125 or more, and it expires 8-1-10.

Know what you are getting into:

A set of full cartridges (XL) will run $113, and a set of replacement print heads will run around $120.00.  Take a look inside this cartridge (940) here.

Full set of HP 940xl ink cartridges from the website.


Good deal?

This is a good deal for the ink and print heads alone.  Included with the printer are 4 ink cartridges (940 series “half-full”), and more importantly there are two brand new print heads which retail for $59.00 each!

Print head pricing for the HP 940 series ink cartridge printers (Officejet 8000, officejet 8500)

HP Print Heads – HP 940 (Officejet 8000, Officejet 8500)

HP 940 Black and Yellow print head for HP Officejet

C4900A - HP Black and Yellow Printhead $59.99 list.

C4901A - HP Cyan and Magenta Printhead $59.99.

What you might not know about the printheads on this printer series is that there is a warranty usage limit of 560ml. After that, the printheads are out of warranty no matter the warranty status. Translation, if you print a bunch, there is a guarantee that HP will not warranty the printheads beyond the 560ml target.

Let’s take the HP 940 black and yellow printhead. Using the XL cartridges as a benchmark (49ml+16ml = 65ml) that would be around 8-9 cartridges used until the printheads are considered out of warranty (10-17k pages). You can see HP’s explanation here –

So really consider your printing habits before purchasing any type of “extended warranty” for this printer series. If you plan on using a CIS, or CISS system with this printer (perfect candidate) the printheads will still need to be replaced at some point.

Deal: Epson Artisan 710 $127.22 Delivered – Amazon

Epson Artisan 710 $127.22

Epson Artisan 710 Inkjet Printer - $128 from

Amazon offers the Epson Artisan 710 inkjet printer for $127.22 delivered.  The Artisan 710 is a great all-in-one 6-color photo printer that will print to CDs-DVDs, includes wireless or Ethernet networking. The once “optional” $30.00 auto duplexer is included with the Artisan 710 – print on both sides of the page (note: the Artisan 700 does not include the auto duplexer, but it is a $30.00 add-on option) is perfect for use with a continuous inking system (CIS, CISS) as the cartridges never move.

Artisan 710 inkjet printer - $128.00 delivered from

CIS, CISS a no brainer for this system

The cartridges on this printer never move, so a CI system works perfectly with this printer.  Check out some videos and reviews here:

Continuous inking system installation video.

Deal: Canon Pixma iP4700 $59.99 Delivered – Amazon

iP4700 – $59.99 at Amazon

Best price we have seen on the Canon Pixma iP4700 inkjet printer in quite a while.  Amazon offers the iP4700 inkjet printer for only $59.99 with FREE shipping in the US. This printer is consistently $99.99 or more at other retailers.  No clue how long this special price will last.

Canon Pixma iP4700 inkjet printer - special price from Amazon $60.00 delivered.

Canon Pixma iP4700 inkjet printer - special price from Amazon $60.00 delivered.

CIS, CISS works great with this printer:

Pick up a continuous inking system for this printer – they work great and are easy to install and use.  Ink quality is outstanding.

CI system for Canon iP4700 – iP4600


Deal or No Deal? HP Photosmart C4680 $55.00 Delivered

Deal or No Deal? HP Photosmart C4680 $55.00


HP Photosmart C4680 $55.00 Delivered

Look inside the cartridges for this printer – not recommended for heavy use.

Cartridge cover comes off the HP 60 inkjet printer cartridge ink to reveal the internal cartridge structure.

Check out the Epson Artisan 710, and 810 for heavy printing.

This is a terrible printer to select for the regular, everyday use printer.  There are many other printers out there from Epson, HP, and Canon, that have the same basic features, and use cartridges that are bigger in ink volume, and thus will provide a more favorable cost per page total.

cc641wn-60xl-black-ink-cartridge-35 dollars

This printer series uses the HP 60 cartridge series - black and color, XL and small

Cartridges for this printer come in two different sizes, full (XL) and half-full.  The physical cartridges are the same size – HP just puts more ink in the XL version of this cartridge and charges a premium for it.  This is troubling for heavy users (users who print a ream – or more – per quarter) as the cartridge yields are very low, and your effective cost per page will be very high with this printer.

Not an every day printer

This printer is NOT intended for an every-day use type printer. If you want to actually print more than 100 pages per month, skip this model, and look at other hardware options – otherwise you are going to spend a small fortune for ink.

Cartridges used:


HP 60 Series:

High capacity (full of ink)

*HP estimates, and they are wildly optimistic – in our testing HP cartridges come in at about 60% of their stated page counts.

So for a full set of full ink cartridges, you are looking at a whopping $75.98 for around 300 pages, or .25 cents per page (just for ink).

Other printers that use the HP 60 series ink cartridge include:

  • Deskjet D2500
  • Deskjet D2530
  • Deskjet D2560
  • Deskjet F42
  • Deskjet F4200
  • Deskjet F4230
  • Deskjet F4235
  • Deskjet F4240
  • Deskjet F4250
  • Deskjet F4272
  • Deskjet F4273
  • Deskjet F4274
  • Deskjet F4275
  • Deskjet F4280
  • DeskJet F4283
  • Deskjet F4288
  • Deskjet F4292
  • Deskjet F4293
  • PhotoSmart C4640
  • PhotoSmart C4650
  • PhotoSmart C4680
  • PhotoSmart C4740
  • PhotoSmart C4750
  • PhotoSmart C4780
  • PhotoSmart C4795

Deal or No Deal? Dell v313 Inkjet Printer $39.99 (hint, no deal)

Dell v313 All-In-One Printer $39.00

Dell (Lexmark) v313 All In One Inkjet printer.

Dell should pay *you* to take this money pit.

Is it a deal? Absolutely not – and it sums up perfectly the printer not to get.  We only looked up this printer after receiving a “tweet” from @dealsplus:

Today only, get the Dell V313 Printer – prints, copies, and scans – for just $39.99 plus free shipping! …

This is no deal.  In fact, we are not sure why anyone would ever buy a Dell printer (of any kind) when you can only get ink and toner cartridges directly from Dell.  Talk about frustrating.  What about the the 3-year warranty? That only means you will be compelled to get it fixed once it breaks – thus continuing the original bad deal you get on ink cartridges.

We have a strict “no Dell printers” policy.  What is the point really?  You can get an equally equipped HP, Canon, Epson, or Brother printer for about the same price, and there are much better cartridge options out there for these printers.  Dell printers are made by Lexmark, for Dell.  You do not want to get “locked-in” to a printer that will cost you a fortune on ink – it’s just a bad idea.

Cartridge games they play…

Dell 21 series black ink cartridge skip it.

Dell 21 series black ink cartridge

Dell 21 series tri-color ink cartridge

Dell 21 series tri-color ink cartridge

Cartridges for this printer are yet another joke – when you see a printer with two (2) or more sizes of cartridges, you can bet you are getting ripped-off.  Cartridges used:

  • Dell 21 Series Black – $16.00 – 200 pages*
  • Dell 21 Series Tri-Color* – $20.00 – 200 pages*

*When you see the term “tri-color” it means that all the color inks are contained in a single cartridge, separated by chambers – one each for cyan, magenta, and yellow.

To add insult to injury, there are also “high capacity” ink cartridges available.  When you see “high capacity”, or “XL”, or “super high capacity”, or “high yield”, or the Dell version “Hi Yield” they are just euphemisms for full cartridges.

Dell 22 series hi yield black ink cartridge.

Dell 22 series "hi yield" black ink cartridge

Dell 22 series hi yield tri-color ink cartridge

Dell 22 series hi yield tri-color ink cartridge

  • Dell 22 Series “hi yield” Black – $30.00 – 400 pages*
  • Dell 22 Series “hi yield” Color – $35.00 – 400 pages*

*Dell estimates (not buying it)

So that is $65.00 for a full set, or $36.00 for a half-full set.  Information about how many pages you can expect, or <gasp!> the amount of ink contained in each cartridge are not listed on the website.  Posted “reviews” include phrases like…

“Agree. Ridiculously overpriced..for a 100 page yield? Ridiculous.”

“it feels like I’m being robbed every time I order ink”

We asked Dell how much ink was contained in the cartridge, and their online “sales rep” offered this information:

thank you, for the dell v313 we can only provide you with an estimated [number] of pages it can produce (200 pages for small, 400 pages for completely full), the content as to how much [ink these cartridges contain] is not available in the tech specs (no kidding), would you like to order ink? ill gv you free shipping for next business day delivery?

Just avoid this printer (and all printers like it) at all cost, and it’s not just Dell.  Look out for Lexmark, HP (Oficejet J4500-J4600 series specifically), Canon, and even some Epson printers that use tiny amounts of ink in their cartridges, offer multiple cartridge choices, and are for cheap ($50.00 or less) printers.  Big Ink will get you eventually, and if it sounds to good to be true…